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Werewolf Women Of The S.S.

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Werewolf Women Of The SS

Werewolf Women Of The S.S.

Werewolf Women Of The S.S. is a fake trailer seen in the Grindhhouse Double Feature. This is the second faker trailer, or the third for Canada only.


Taken from the Rodriguez/Tarantino tribute to exploitation films Grindhouse2007)(2007) this is part of the 3 fake trailers that were put in the middle of Planet Terror & Death Proof(2007), is the last days of the Third Reich and they prepare the ultimate solution to create an army of super werewolf soldiers from ungodly experiments created by a deformed mad doctor.


  • Nicholas Cage as Dr. Fu Manchu
  • Udo Kier as Commandant Franz Hess
  • Sheri Moon as Eva Krupp
  • Tom Towles as Lt. Boorman
  • Sybil Danning as Gretchen Krupp
  • Bill Moseley as Doctor Heinrich von Strasser
  • Andrew Martin as Nazi Boxer
  • Vladimir Kozlov as Nazi Boxer
  • Olja Hrustic as Werewolf Woman
  • Meriah Nelson as Werewolf Woman
  • Lorelle New as Werewolf Woman


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