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Planet Terror Soundtrack - Hospital Epidemic - Graeme Revell01:17

Planet Terror Soundtrack - Hospital Epidemic - Graeme Revell

Hospital Epidemic.

Hospital Epidemic is a song in the Planet Terror (soundtrack).

Music Info

It is track number six. It is composed by Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez.

In The Film

The song is heard when Wray is in the hospital, looking for Cherry.

Next Song

Useless Talent #32

Previous Song

Go Go Not Cry Cry

See Also

Cherry Darling

El Wray

Planet Terror (soundtrack)
Soundtrack Planet Terror (soundtrack)
Composer/Artists Robert Rodriguez - Graeme Revell - Carl Thiel - Rose McGowan - Nouvelle Vague - Rick Del Castillo - Rebecca Rodriguez - George Oldziey
Songs Grindhouse (Main Titles) - Doc Block - The Sickos - You Belong to Me - Go Go Not Cry Cry - Hospital Epidemic - Useless Talent 32 - His Prescription...Pain - Cherry Darling (song) - The Grindhouse Blues - El Wray (song) - Police Station Assault - Dakota (song) - Zero to Fifty In Four - Fury Road - Helicopter Sicko Chopper - The Ring in the Jacket - Killer Legs - Melting Member - Too Drunk To Fuck - Cherry's Dance of Death - Two Against The World

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