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Bushmaster Carbine

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Bushmaster Carbine

Bushmaster Carbine.

The Bushmaster Carbine is a weapon used in Planet Terror.

Planet Terror

Wray gives Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) a Bushmaster Carbine, fitted with a Cobray 37mm Launcher, as her new leg. 
Cobray CM203

Cobray CM203.


After Cherry brakes her wooden leg in attempts to stop Lewis, Wray and Abby enters and he gives Cherry a new 'leg'.

Bushmaster Carbine 2

Wray gives Cherry her new leg.

As Lewis transforms into his Sicko form, Cherry then kills him with her new leg.
Bushmaster Carbine 3

She kills Rapist #1.

Cherry with her new leg.

Bushmaster Carbine 4


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